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Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

My wife and I are first time home buyers, Peter helped us recognize what changes needs to be made. He was patience, friendly and kind. We even had a laugh here and there. He was clear with his explanations and gave detailed photos and diagram for non-experienced home buyer like us. Peter was amazing with the inspection. We will defiantly recommend him.  Darcy and Kate  Spring 2019

Hello Peter.

I am very happy that there were no major problems with the house so we can finally relax and move into our new home. Thank you so much! We will definitely recommend you to our friends when they are ready to buy their first homes.
-Shannon Murray


Hi Peter,
Sylvie and I just want to express our appreciation for your superb service. You were very thorough and gave detailed explanations on our new home inspection. We knew that you would offer quality service based on your extensive experience and high ratings with the BBB. You put our minds at ease about this big purchase and educated us about what needs to be done. We will recommend you to any of our friends without hesitation.
Thank you. Sincerely, Cameron & Sylvie



"Peter's expertise, professionalism and attention to detail was much appreciated. His calm and friendly demeanor made what is usually a stressful experience an enjoyable one."
Best regards,
Janine and Serge


I have recently done a home inspection with Mr. Peter Weeks. When you buy a home, you always want to know in what state the property is and that can be a stressful experience. The thing I liked the most about my inspection was that Mr. Weeks took the time to make me feel comfortable with the procedures. Also, f there was a proplem with the property, there was also a solution. Up to you to decide what to do next, buy or not! You will be so well informed, precisely and concisely, that your next decision will be easy to take. Forget about the grey areas of ''should I, shouldn't I move on with the purchase of the property?'' as of the complete binder of written information provided at the end of the inspection will take care of these questions. Thanks again Mr. Weeks, Éric Carrière

August 2010


I met Peter at a business meeting where I had mentioned my recent experience buying a new home and dealing with the builder to address quality and service issues in the months after closing. Peter explained to me the intricacies of the Ontario home "warranty" (Tarion) program and the implications involved in failing to report on record any outstanding issues prior to the end of the first 12 months after closing. In preparing our TARION end of year report we hired Peter to complete an inspection. Our investment in his inspection more than paid for itself based on hidden workmanship issues in the roof which would have resulted in major water damage issues down the road. His attention to detail saved both ourselves and the builder the added repair costs involved in dealing with the resulting damage later. Even if nothing had been found, the investment was worth it in peace of mind alone.

Terry Ledden Managing Partner Sales AboutFace Inc. Authorized Licensee of Sandler Training


Hi Peter,

The home inspection service that Peter provides is excellent. He was very thorough and attentive to all aspects of the house. I felt confident that I knew exactly what my house would need and when it would need it. Keep doing what you do best Peter. Thank you.

Thanks again, Justine Espenant


Dear Peter;

I would like you to know that my house has been approved and I will be a proud new homeowner within the month!

Thank you so much for your through home inspection. It was a real joy to deal with you as you made the whole process an easy one. Your attention to detail including your care of the owner’s home when you placed a sheet on the floor under your ladder, all added to the professionalism which I experienced when dealing with you.

Many thanks. Indeed, Inspector Weeks was on the case!

Sue Joyce May 2009



My husband and I have been burned by bad home inspectors before. In contrast to these previous experiences, we were thoroughly impressed by your services. First of all, we would like to thank you for your flexibility and ability to be available on a short notice. Secondly, we appreciated your professionalism, clarity and thoroughness. It is great to deal with a person that takes pride in their work. We felt that you wanted to do a good job for us and were "on our side". Thirdly, the report was fantastic and helped us greatly in deciding whether we wanted to go through with the purchase. We ended up buying the property and now we use the report as a check list of things that we need to get done in the near future. We would highly recommend your services to anyone requiring a thorough home inspection.
Regards, Kirsi & Kevin


My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home, a process that has been filled with a lot of questions and uncertainty. Immediately after meeting Peter, we knew we had made an excellent choice for our inspection - in fact we used him twice! The first home we tried to purchase had way too many issues for us to deal with and Peter found all of them, so we decided to walk away from the deal. We are so thankful for Peter's experience and thoroughness, he really saved us from making a costly mistake. Our first home buying attempt is a perfect example of why having a good inspector is so important. We just finished up our second inspection with Peter, and the news is much better this time around. We feel very confident about the decision we made with this house now. Peter is so professional and friendly, he is an absolute pleasure to deal with. His inspection is very thorough, and he explained issues in a way that we can understand. We would recommend Peter to anyone. Thanks for everything Peter! Kelly and Mike


Your inspection not only provided me with a valuabel objective perspective on the condition of the property to be purchased, but also the long and short term maintenance requirements unique to the property. In the last house I purchased; 20 years ago, it took me a few years of living in the place before I had gained the same level of maintenance knowledge of the place. I will recommend you .



Good Evening Peter,

Thanks again! We were very pleased with the inspection. Now that we have all of the details pertaining to the house, we know what our "To Do" list looks like :) And it is certainly reassuring!

Regards, Anik


Dear Peter,

You were able to answer all of our questions with ease and in plain speech. In doing so, you have been key to our learning a whole new vocabulary, one which is necessary in buying a new home. You displayed patience and a great sense of humour. This made the process of buying a home a lot less stressful. We have the sense that you are the top of your field, in both Ontario and Quebec. We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know who not only is in need of an inspection, but to everyone who is in need of home-related answers.

Take care,

Bonnie and Brad


Thanks again Peter for your great work! We learned a lot and are looking forward to moving in. Yes..you guessed it. the house is officially ours, as of saturday night. Financing was finalized and with your great inspection, everything is done.
Thanks and if we have any questions, I'm sure you'll be getting a call from us.
Take care



Peter is a great guy. He's friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He provided us with a very thorough inspection and even took the time to teach us a few things. I'd recommend him to anyone!

Thanks again, Peter..
- Pamela & Dave


Hi Peter,

Just wanted to thank you for writing the article about snow on the roof and ice damping/jamming problems that can occur.

Your article encouraged me to deal with our roof which had 3-4 feet of snow load and 2 inches of solid ice underneath.

Quite spooky.

Many thanks for help

Bonnie Kumer

( Referring to Article in "The Low Down" which can be viewed from home page under Published Articles )



Your professionalism and thorough inspection of my new home was greatly appreciated. Your educated responses to my many queries alleviated concerns which I had. The complete report you provided is excellent.

Thank you again for your friendly and professional inspection.



Dear Mr. Weeks,

I appreciate your help and wish you all the success you can stand.

Best regards, Ida Chen.


Hi Peter,
It was wonderful to meet you the other day and we really appreciate all your help and advice at our inspection. It turned out to be a very worthwhile experience and we thank you for that.
Thanks again.
Becky and Frazer



Thanks again for the inspection, I understand a few things a lot better.




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